The Caracas Adventure – Scene 2

Sylvio arrives the the huge metropolis of Caracas, where he is promptly assaulted and robbed by two thieves. Luckily, Sylvio meets Reinaldo Medeiros who takes him home, only to have them walk in on Fernando Leite giving a blow job to Claudio Marino. In a flash, Sylvio is sucking on all three men’s cocks at once until they cover him with cum. Then Claudio and Reinaldo take turns fucking Sylvio, while Fernando sucks on his dick, which leads to all four studs shooting their loads. Claudio and Fernando then fuck Reinaldo and Sylvio side by side until they have both unloaded their cream pumps at the same time. The four men move into the bedroom, where the tops switch partners. Fernando and Claudio literally fuck the cum out of Sylvio and Reinaldo before squirting their own man-juice on top of the two bottoms.

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Thick as Thieves – Scene 2

Artist Marcio da Costa is trying to paint nude models Sergei Jordanov and Buddy Jones. But when the two models sprout boners, all hell breaks loose! The guys abandon the canvas, and decide to paint each other while sucking each other’s dicks, While covered in paint, Sergei fucks Buddy, who meanwhile has Marcio’s dark latino cock in his mouth, provoking another round of squirts. As the guys shower off the paint, Marcio sucks on both big uncut dicks at the same time, until they both shoot on his face. In the bedroom, Buddy shoves his huge cock into Marcio’s bubble butt, while Marcio feeds on Sergei’s hot, Russian sausage, making Buddy lose another load. The Sergei takes over fucking Marcio, until all three men have shot off another round of cum.

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Thick as Thieves – Scene 1

Art thieves Yuri Breshnev, Bruno Diaz, Arpad Miklos, Saha Borov and Arpad Banfalvi rob an art gallery. Banfalvi becomes obsessed with a painting of a semi-nude man. When it comes time split the loot, Banfalvi asks if he can keep the painting. The four other crooks finally agree, but only on the condition that he suck all of their dicks. In no time flate, banfalvi is sucking on the five boners until they shoot their hot loads. Still not satisfied, The 5 thieves make a rimming daisy chain, and lick each other’s holes, until Banfalvi can no longer hold onto his load. The the two Arpads double fuck Matthews, while Diaz fucks the hell out of Breshnev. Needless to say, this ends in a huge round of cream shots. As though this weren’t enough, the gang then forms a human suck ladder on a stair case, where each dick is dicked until each crook has shot yet another load of cum.

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Amazon Adventure – Scene 4

In the middle of the jungle, soldier Paulo Marquez discovers a house, and a swimming pool filled with three naked, hot men. Hunky Sandor Vesanyi, Franck Roy, and Fernando Lopez pull Paulo into the pool with them, and take turns sucking his dick before Paulo shoots off the first of many loads of cum the four men extract from one another while sucking and fucking like there was no tomorrow!

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Amazon Adventure – Scene 1

Handsome, muscular mulattos Gaspar Moreno and Rogerio Peixoto arrive to a jungle setting on horseback. The men strip down to their briefs for a capoeira match. Soon, Rogerio sucks a load out of Gaspars thick cock, and Gaspar rims Rogerio’s bubble butt while he is bent over his horse. Suddenly, the two men spot intruder Luis Machado, and capture him. As a lesson, Luis is forced to service each cock orally, while having his ass plowed by the other, until each man shoots multiple loads.

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Manwatcher – Scene 3

Alexei is spotted from a balcony by a pair of Latin hunks, Andriano Sabroso, and Gabriel Garcia. The two convince Alexei to come into their garden. and in a flash, they have Alexei’s dick out, and milk a load from him. Alexei, in turn, sucks both latins until they shoot their wads as well. Afterwards, Alexei fucks Adriano, while Gabriel sucks Alexei’s dick, causing all three men to shoot their cream, The threesome moves indoors, where Alexei gives his ass up to Adriano, while servicing Gabriel orally, causing all three men to shoot more cum. Then Adriano gets placed in the middle of a fuck sandwich, and gets plowed by Gabriel, while he fucks Alexei, which provokes another round of pop shots.

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Manwatcher – Scene 2

One of Ferenc’s favorite hobbies is spying on Sandor Versanyi, who is heart-broken after his lover, Alexei Gromoff, left him. Sandor mopes around remembering how he and Alexei first met… He also remembers the first time Alexei sucked the cum out of his dick, and the first time he fucked Alexei’s hot ass, provoking loads from both men. Then Sandor also thinks back to other moments in their relationship when the two sucked hot cum from each other’s cocks, or when they fucked the cum out of each other in the dinning room.

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Manwatcher – Scene 1

After witnessing how hunky Kalman Faludi picks up studly Randy Foreman on the street, Ferenc Botos follows them back to Kalman’s place, and sneaks inside to watch them. In no time flat, the two muscle hunks suck a load out of each others cocks, just in time for the arrival of KalmanĀ“s lover, Sergei Jordanov. Sergei gets jealous, but Kalman talks him into splitting Randy’s hot ass between them. Kalman holds Randy’s ass open so Sergei can stick his dick inside and fuck until both Randy and Sergei shoot their juice all over Kalman. After Randy sucks yet another wad out of each of the euro studs, Sergei fucks Kalman’s ass, while Randy plows his mouth, Kalman gets rammed at both ends until all three men shoot their cum loads again.

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